Drake Marcos vs. Ty Alexander (Kiss My Ass)


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Originally, I got this script from a fan who wanted a competitive match between two muscle guys. He asked for two guys who would give it their all. After seeing who I had for the shoot, he picked his two wrestlers. Now, it's not often (if ever) that I'll suggest something other than what is requested. It's your idea and your money, I want you to be happy with what you get. Which I guess is why I spoke up and suggested two different wrestlers that I believed would give a much better performance.

I've become very well acquainted with Ty Alexander over the last few years and he is one hell of a wrestler/performer. Whether he is doing pro or submission. Heel or jobber roles. He is consistently very good. I always encourage him to get into the pro wrestling ranks, as he is very entertaining and charismatic.

Drake Marcos on the other hand. I don't know well at all, but I can say that I do like him in the little time I've known him. I've heard lots about him and I had a hunch that he'd be capable of competing in this full intensity, sweat-fueled match, especially against his roommate.

The match is intense from the start. A competitive match that doesn't take long to break down into ball torture. How else would you treat your friend, right? The sweat starts dripping as the two opponents roll around from hold to hold. Reversing each other whenever the top dog leaves an opening. But reversals only heat up the action and the dirty tactics. 

At the end of this match, Ty introduces his thong-clad ass to Drake Marcos' lips until Drake gives in and kisses the sweet cheeks. Drake is humiliated and shoves Ty before being chased outside to the brutal New England winter where the action continues off-camera. 

Total Run-time: 22 minutes 54 seconds

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