Drew Harper vs. Gabe Steele

Drew Harper vs. Gabe Steele

NHB Fights

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Drew Harper (6'1", 215 lbs, Texas)
Gabe Steele (5'9", 207 lbs, Puerto Rico)

It’s kinda weird to describe a big, beefy, muscular brute like Gabe Steele as “cute,” but there’s just something about his big old smile, his mop of curly purple and blue hair, and the way he swings his arms when he’s about to take somebody to the cleaners. He’s charming, and the prospect of getting that charm on the mats for some hardcore NHB fighting is really exciting, especially when he’s so evenly matched in size by an opponent like equally beefy Drew Harper. Both guys seem to know it’s going to be a good matchup too, as both are grinning right before they lockup, as if to say “this is perfect!” 

Gabe gets a tap out of Drew almost immediately, which leaves him gasping and muttering to himself a little, like he’s aware this one’s gonna be tough. These guys roll around in a beefy embrace, back muscles rippling. Big, hard arms crushing. Huge thighs and big, impressive asses working extra hard to maintain a center of balance. Drew is moaning in agony as both men press their faces together and roll over again and again. Finally Gabe manages to get on top, his cute face grinning with delight as he presses his full weight down on Drew to gain the second tap. 

Both men need to adjust their speedos a bit before going at it again. This time Drew nearly manages to spladle Gabe, but uses his advantage to try for a sleeper instead. Gabe wriggles free, pressing Drew’s face directly into the mat like a boss. Gabe, a decent guy, doesn’t count Drew’s obvious submission as a tap. Drew calls Gabe a “spider monkey,” with a tone of warmth in his voice as they start rolling again. Finally Drew gets a tap out of Gabe. It’s a hot, sweaty back-and-forth that ends with both dudes firmly pressed together in raging combat... until the moment the buzzer sounds and the combative lockup melts into a tender, brotherly hug. This is a true gentleman’s match, and one you’ll want to watch again and again.  

Total Runtime - 21 minutes, 44 seconds

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