Drew Harper vs. Nick Justice


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Nick Justice is back, and he’s still trying to track the wrestler who stole his signature outfit. Today’s victim is Drew Harper. Harper is a Wrestler4Hire newcomer who claims to be the undefeated rookie. He does have enviable shoulders and arms, a can-do attitude, and a pretty-boy face. But he makes the fatal mistake all rookies make – he completely underestimates the truly sadistic nature of Justice. Early in the match, Justice even gets face down and allows Harper to try a single hammer and ankle lock combo. Harper does his best to make Justice suffer, but rather than groan, Justice just laughs. And he’s had enough playtime, because it’s time to get to work. A few stunning body blows weaken Harper so that Justice can get him into a camel clutch. Of course, Justice isn’t satisfied just wrenching his chin and neck, and instead gets two fingers right into Harper’s nose, forcing his head even more painfully back. Many would call that a fish hook, but here it’s more like a hook in a pig’s snout. 

But Harper’s not quite ready to give up the bacon and he is able to do more than most in getting Justice into some compromising positions. The rookie does have some skills, but how long can it last? As Justice fans know, he just gets tougher as a match goes on, seemingly fed by the masculine energy he drains out of his opponents. A few dirty tricks help, too, like the backwards shin chop he manages to land on Harper’s balls while in a full nelson. That sets up Harper beautifully for a full body scissors from behind. Arching him back and trapping Harper’s free arm makes for the perfect opportunity to wrench the neck and abuse Harper’s pecs and nipples. Justice gives the gasping rookie a few moments rest, while he twists his own nipples with a growling reminder that, “No one can hurt me, like I can hurt me!” 

A trip to the corner for a foot choke leaves Harper crawling on all fours hoping the torture will soon end. Instead, he gets a punishing arm bar and leg chop to the face, his marked-up torso flexing to get free. Some elbow drops, forearm chops, body slams and a perfectly executed supplex will leave you wondering how much more Harper can take. But the rookie digs deep and turns the tables a few more times, lasting longer than most. He manages to get in a body slam, a back breaker, and a few more good holds, but the one where his balls end up in Justice’s face is a big mistake. Justice has teeth, and he’s not afraid to use them. The rookie is in a for a few more painful surprises, including a masterful fake out and a pile-driver from hell. The same place Justice is going, if he doesn’t already live there. 

Run-time: 24 minutes, 22 seconds

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