Elite Eliot vs. Austin Adonis

NHB Fights

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Elite Eliot (5'11", 195 lbs, Illinois)
Austin Adonis (6'0", 225 lbs, Connecticut)

The name Adonis feels like it would be a better fit for the stunning Elite Eliot, who faces off against musclegut grappler Adonis. These guys dance around a bit before gaining that initial lockup, one that sees each man struggling to get a good grip. They seem to be testing each other’s reflexes before finally tumbling to the mats, where Austin promptly realizes he’s going to have to use his size against the skillful Eliot. 

Eliot can’t seem to break Austin’s hold on his neck, despite his best efforts. His beautiful face fills the camera frame as he suffers. They scramble for position, seeming almost afraid to hurt each other. And holds are fleeting, as they bounce back to their feet for another round of dancing. 

Eliot keeps winding up on his back, where, strangely, he seems to be stronger, using his flawless legs against a towering Austin. It takes over seventeen minutes for anybody to gain a second tap, that is how even this match is! By the end, Austin is literally pouring sweat onto Eliot’s perfect abs as they both gasp in total, desperate exhaustion… 

Total Runtime: 21 minutes, 38 seconds

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