Elite Eliot vs. Colin Havok (Pros Up-Close)


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Headband-wearing Colin Havok has that straight outta Williamsburg edge that stopped being edgy nine years ago. Even so, he dives into that initial lockup like a hipster preparing to whitewash some gently used furniture he found in the alley by his apartment. Elite Eliot suffers no fools. He’s blank-faced, focused, solidly built. With the grace of a dancer and the brutality of a ravenous beast, Eliot rips into Havok with a meticulous aggression. 

Havok resorts to hair pulling, headlocks, sleeper holds, and elbows in faces. Eliot experiences the singular thrill of having his chin wrenched backward and his face firmly planted in Havok’s armpit. 

Bearhugs, leglocks, tremendous feats of upper body strength. Havok is certain of a tap out. Eliot is certain of pain, and his booted foot is twisted in all the wrong directions, much to Havok’s sadistic delight. 

If you like slow and steady, expertly executed holds, impossible pain, and boys with pretty eyes, this is the battle for you!

Total Run-time: 20 minutes

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