Elite Eliot vs. Flash LaCash


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The poor ref has two proud fighters to keep track of. Elite Eliot looks fierce and sexy, his trim waste tapering into sparkling green speedos. Flash LaCash is bearded and brutal, all in black and gold. Boots, knee pads, and tight bodies in a total brawl. Eliot may be a bit smaller, but he’s got power. LaCash has dirty moves. Within seconds, LaCash is controlling Eliot by his hear, dragging him around by it with brutal joy.

Eliot gets a pounding from Flash’s elbows, ignoring the ref’s words and pushing Eliot against the ropes. Eliot is put over Flash’s knee, head pushed into the floor, arm twisted and wrenched with total brutality. Then he’s laid out nicely for some serious abdominal clawing, clenching, and pressure. Heads pound abs, pecs are clawed so hard you can hear skin slapping skin and feel Eliot’s agony as he’s molded into a scarecrow position, hair-pulled, and ground with fists or suspended upside down. He’s tangled in the ropes, his torso hugged and crushed by Flash’s superior arm strength.

Now Eliot’s done. He wants out, pleading with the ref to let him leave. This only enrages Flash further, opening the door for even rougher punishment. Big hands drag the kid around the ring, grope at his pretty face, and claw his abs so hard it's amazing he doesn't pass out from pain.

Run Time: 23 minutes, 6 seconds

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