Elite Eliot vs. Guido Genatto


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There ain’t nobody like Guido Genatto. This dude is a trash-talking animal, and he loves a prettyboy to destroy.

“Get the fucking tiara out!” he laughs, as he pulverizes cutie Elite Eliot. “The fuckin’ queen is here!” Red and yellow speedos clash, butts and packages looking hot in HD. Barefoot Genatto grins with glee as he rolls his hairy self on top of the kid, smothering him between the floor and his own body.

Ball abuse is next, with fists and forearms used as implements of torture. Eliot’s arms are twisted like ropes, his head clamped between Genatto’s thighs. Fingers are tortured. Genatto almost looks like he’s giving the kid a sweet series of loving hugs, judging by his face. Too bad Eliot can’t enjoy having his tight body brutalized by the man.

“I’m coming alive!” roars Genatto, crushing Eliot’s torso, raising him off the floor in an epic bearhug. Genatto grinds his manly, hairy gut into the kid, squeezing so hard you can feel it. His bare feet flair and lockup, proving there’s no better way to execute dominance than with bare feet. Genatto climbs on top of Eliot, packages grinding, as they roll and wind and struggle in an almost sensual fight. Nobody punishes like Genatto...and it’s always a pleasure to watch him to what he does best, especially when there’s so much floor work and grappling included. This is total annihilation from the hairy, hot sex god that is Guido Genatto.

Run Time: 18 minutes, 44 seconds

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