Elite Eliot vs. John Wolfboy

Elite Eliot vs. John Wolfboy

NHB Fights

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Elite Eliot (5'11", 195 lbs, Illinois)
John Wolfboy (5'7", 135 lbs, Pennsylvania)

This is one of those matchups where you can’t decide who to watch. Both Wolfboy and Eliot are lean, strong, skilled, and appealing. They look built for each other as they slap and struggle for that initial tap. Wolfboy wraps his long arms around Eliot’s neck, pulling him gracefully to the floor. 

Eliot works on Wolf’s wrists and fingers, as both men struggle for breath. There’s a ropelike quality to Wolf’s limbs that Eliot is particularly weak against as he gasps for air, his perfect lips puckering in desperation. Wolf rolls onto Eliot, grinding his pelvis into that of his opponent. Eliot manages to secure top position for a moment, but Wolfboy’s legs are not to be tested. 

This is a battle of long-held holds and slow, steady, brutally applied skills. Back muscles strain and pop on camera. Bare feet flex and and search for secure footing, and two master grapplers roll and rage with incredible drive until near total exhaustion. 

Total Runtime: 21 minutes, 23 seconds

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