Elite Eliot vs. Kayden Alexander (Rookie Wrecker)


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Long-haired fiery lightweight rookie, Kayden Alexander, gives dominating dream-boat, Elite Eliot, his best efforts, but he is no match for Eliot’s onslaught of abuse. Eliot slaps, shoves and trounces the lean looker without a threat of retaliation.

Kayden squirm, wiggles and gives it his all, but he cannot seem to get away from the powerful Eliot. He even gives Kayden a free pass to grab him. It doesn't work and Eliot makes short work of Kayden’s brief advance. Elite Eliot flops the bleach blonde twink back-and-forth in the ring.

Body scissors, cradles and chokeholds are the order of the day. The best Kayden can do is to taunt Eliot, which is unwise. Elite Eliot is battle-tested and he brutalizes the unyielding Alexander into a sweaty center ring submission...once-and-for-all!

Total Run-time: 20 minutes, 39 seconds

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