Elite Eliot vs. Max Quivers


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Prettyboy Elite Eliot looks like every guy you’ve ever dreamed of fighting. He’s cocky, confident, and a little too daring. In a predictable world, dudes like Eliot always win. With that face and body, people fall over themselves to give things to people like him. But facing the legendary Max Quivers is never predictable, and the world of wrestling is full of surprising outcomes. Eliot pounds the suited and masked Quivers hard in the gut twice. Quivers, a solid mountain of flesh, feels nothing. The moment when Eliot realizes he’s in over his head is painted beautifully on his pretty, confused face. Boom! Take it away Max!

Quivers sleepers the hell out of Eliot, then removes his jacket in order to better shove his knee into the kids lower back. Legs and arms are wrenched, pulling the kid into a teardrop shape, his balls and shaft visible through his silvery speedos. Nobody sobs or demands space like Eliot, especially when he’s ball bashed and beaten.  

Quivers knows which angles look the best when he’s got a jobberboy on his knees and in a sleeper. Off comes the neck tie, which looks amazing when used as a bridal or choke chain for the kid. Ears are twisted, faces are handgagged, chains and ropes are used to humiliate and hurt. Get ready for a long, painful torture session that sees one of the hottest new jobbers in the business broken down!

Run Time: 18 minutes, 34 seconds

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