Ethan Andrews vs. Alvin James (Bear Hug Battle #1)


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Ethan Andrews is stretching out his arms and legs as his opponent Alvin James approaches. Both have incredible bodies which are even more defined in the lighting of the ring. However Alvin’s color schemes don’t match according to Ethan. Does that really matter with a nice body though, who's even looking at his shoes when you get caught up at his hefty package. Ethan isn’t swayed or caught up in his opponent’s body though and shows off his own in an attempt to gloat. He will learn that is a mistake.

Their bodies writhe and jostle as Alvin lifts Ethan up tightly and slams him to the ground. That isn’t enough to hinder Ethan though. He toughs it up and kicks Alvin right in his six-pack abs before tossing him around like a toy.

Alvin is in trouble as Ethan is grappling his legs and exposing his body for all sorts of torture. However, he manages to break free of Ethans grasp  and is able to counter him by placing him on the ropes and choking him as he gloats and smiles hectically. Ethan catches his breath quickly before he grasps his foe’s neck and reverses the hold! The raw ferocity that is already displayed moments after the match begins is insane. Moans and skin hitting the mat are flooding the ring.

Alvin appears to be in control of this match as he stomps around ethan like a black stallion. He easily grabs along of Ethan while he is on the mat trying to recuperate. Alvin is just tearing Ethan apart.  Stomping on his chest, grabbing his legs and twisting them up exposing his plump ass and supple crotch for all to see. After a couple moments on the ground Ethan is able to gain the energy and furry to get up and mount a counter attack. While Alvin is gloating Ethan kicks him right in the stomach. Alvin wants to fall to his knees but Ethan gently holds his head up asking him to repeat himself before slamming down onto him. This is Ethan's time to control the ring and Alvin. Bear hugging him, Ethan lifts up Alvin and squeezes their bodies tightly together.

Alvin attempts to strike back bug Ethan has to tight of a grip on him that his efforts are frivolous. With a final squeeze Ethan tosses Alvin away and enters a series of kicks to his thighs and groin. You will not want to miss how Alvin manages to endure… or does he decide that Ethan has the upper hand and taps out.

TOTAL RUN-TIME:  20 minutes, 44 seconds

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