Ethan Andrews vs. Alvin James (Bear Hug Battle #2)


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Ready for a rematch, Alvin is not having any of Ethan’s confidence, rightfully so. Alvin shoves and pushes around Ethan and manages to get a good jab in. You can see Alvin is a bit stunned and stumbles backwards.

Slammed in the middle of the pole and Ethan Alvin uses his wits to talk his way out of his situation. He mocks Ethan asking him what his name is, “wait, wait, wait, what’s your name again, Ryan? Charly? Shane?”

Ethan is immediately grabbed by Alvin who threw his arms around his torso in a tightly wrapped embrace. Alvin laughs manically squeezing ever tighter. You can hear Ethans struggle and trying to catch his breath. With his might he is able to break free but soon after Alvin bear hugs him and lifts him up. Ethan is very lucky, any lower and Alvin would have grabbed onto his package which is apparently leaning to the left.

Alvin shows off Ethan’s body before shoving him away to show off his own. His own pride will leave him hindered as Ethan takes this moment of arrogance and forcefully kicks Alvin in the back of the leg. Alvin drops to the ground with a wail. Ethan doesn’t care about his screams as he wraps his hands around Alvin’s chin and thrusts his knee behind his neck. Time for a bit of payback, as Ethan changes positions to bear hug Alvin. There bodies are rubbing against each other. Alvin is preparing his counter attack. Will Alvin be victorious again or will Ethan find the stamina and strength needed to defeat his opponent?

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 20 minutes, 24 seconds

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