Ethan Andrews vs. Alvin James (Guest Ref)


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Ethan Andrews has the advantage in his match with athletic Alvin James. In his sexy drawl, the grinning grappler invites his own personal ref to enter the ring.

Flaxen-haired Dolph Denner enters the ring, a tattooed trainer with no training in frumpy sweats, or so it seems, and he can’t seem to ref the match fairly, constantly interfering and filling James’ head with doubt, as Andrews attempts to torture the red speedo wearing stud. As a ref, he allows Andrews to perform illegal holds and ignores James’ needs entirely. 

But when James turns things around, trapping a delirious spread-eagle Andrews in the corner and applying a stomach-turning kick to the balls, Denner goes full on jealous girlfriend on James, tearing off his sweats with a manic zeal to reveal his outstanding abs and arms in a tsunami-like punishment session that leaves James’ head spinning! 

“Scream for me, bitch!” Denner demands, as he and Andrews apply sleepers, ball stomps, and humiliating pins. 

Denner stands over adorable Andrews, barking out punishing commands like a big brother teaching his little bro how to fight. Andrews tortures James’ legs, while Denner works on the other side, pulling hair, wrenching arms, spitting in faces, and practically blowing his load every time James screams out in agony. 

Nobody ever said life was fair, and this fucked up fight proves it.

Total Run-time: 21 minutes

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