Ethan Andrews vs. Austin Cooper


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Ethan Andrews and Austin Cooper know each other intimately. Their bodies have come crashing together many times before. It’s a healthy rivalry, fueled by an undercurrent of mutual respect, peppered with a ever so slightly all consuming desire to tear each other into confetti. 

As they come close together, we realize, not for the first time, how differently built these two dudes are. Cooper is a picture of golden musculature, robust as a sailor, with an impressive chest. Andrews is more or a wiry scrapper...but when has his size ever mattered? Andrews is in his element, and Cooper’s face is about to be shoved into the mat where it belongs. 

But while nobody turns on the pain like Andrews, nobody resists the urge to tap with more stubbornness than Cooper. Reverse headlock, Boston crab, brutal leg scissors and pectoral abuse...Cooper writhes in agony, grunting in agony as Andrews piles on one humiliating move after another with his signature lackadaisical style.  

Two technically gifted pros, skilled in a variety of wrestling styles, with a history…

Total Run-time: 30 minutes

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