Ethan Andrews vs. Charlie Panther


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Testing their strength right at the start of the match. Both Charlie and Ethan appear to be evenly matched. Ethan rotates around to try to get better leverage on Charlie. They are both bending and stretching, exposing their bodies, trying to get some momentum going for their next move. Ethan was able to out power charlie and stretches his back across his knee. Charlie hasn’t given up yet though he is able to move just enough for Ethan to change positions again. Charlie uses this to his advantage and gets Ethan's head into a scissor hold. Charlie has to watch out Ethan is throwing elbows and his package is right in firing range.

Ethan is trying everything to get out of this hold, he even thrusts himself in the air.  Throwing his ass into Charlie's face was enough to break free. Ethan seized the opportunity and reversed it binding Charlie's head between his armpit. Ethan is using the ring to his advantage pulling himself up with his legs on the rope to add a bit more weight on that hold.

They are both pretty evenly matched as they trade positions constantly. Each trying to out choke the other. Ethan manages to throw charlie against the pole and flip him over onto his back. Their necks must be hurting something fierce at this point.

While Charlie has Ethan in yet another hold, Ethan is able to swing himself upwards and manages to wrap his legs around Charlie's neck. That’s pretty impressive, but Charlie probably doesn’t think so. Charlie moans in pain and falls to his knees as the oxygen is choked out of him. Can this be a quick pin from Ethan, would this spontaneous move pay off in the end? It appears to do some damage and get Charlie out of breath. But this doesn’t compare to when Ethan strikes a blow right to Charlie's cock. He hauls over in pain. Ethan doesn’t care at all though and starts his next choke hold.

Ethan is not playing fair anymore. Charlie doesn’t hold back either and starts going for some cheap shots on Ethan. One blow after another they both tire themselves out. Breathing heavier as the match goes on. Who will run out of breath first?

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 20 minutes

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