Ethan Andrews vs. Chico The Student (From The Vault)


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With a vast and impressive body of work behind him, Ethan Andrews is one of the most recognizable heels out there. Knowing that, it’s fun to take a look at this match that was filmed a few years back. This Ethan is thinner, less muscular, and less confident than what we’re used to seeing...or is he? He’s still got that trademark drawling voice, but here he’s trying to impress yours truly by schooling Chico, a pale punk who doesn’t look too impressed with the soon to be legendary Ethan Andrews.

Ethan wastes no time clamping his arm around Chico’s head and gut punching him until he practically cries. Probing fingers press deeply into Chico’s abdomen. Ethan slaps, kicks, and pushes the screaming jobber into the corner with a measured, meticulous separation from the pain he’s inflicting. That’s the thing about Ethan that’s always been so impressive: He’s literally ripping a dude to pieces, but his face and voice never change. It’s almost demented, and darkly sensual.

Chico is thrown screaming to the floor, only to have his mouth buried in Ethan’s armpit while the humiliating heel shushes him calmly. Boston crabs, camels, headscissors, and a sexy schoolboy pin leave Chico kicking and shivering in pain.

Runtime: 30 minutes, 29 seconds

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