Ethan Andrews vs. Flash LaCash (Vampire Tales)


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I've been given permission to release a video that I think you will all enjoy.

At an undisclosed location owned by a collection of Vampire Overlords, souls of men are tortured and destroyed. On a quest to stop the vampires, the men have shown up in all kinds over the years.

Today, one man has been captured, chained up and left to be enjoyed by one of the Kings.

Ethan has found his own version of "dinner and a movie," except he does things backwards. The entertainment happens before the meal. As Ethan releases his dinner from its restraints, he takes a few opportunities to soften his victim.

A vicious ab claw rips into the skin as the prey releases sounds of pain. Ethan is enjoying the one-sided dinner theater, but he wants to give this man a valiant shot at dethroning him in the Kingdom.

Ethan forces his opponent into his own personal ring. He's licking his chops as he eyes his dinner. What torment can Ethan cause? How long before his victim finally throws in the towel and sacrifices himself to his master?

The torture continues until Ethan has enough!

Total Run-time: 30 minutes

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