Ethan Andrews vs. Igor

Ethan Andrews vs. Igor

NHB Fights

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Ethan Andrews (5'11", 170 lbs, Wisconsin)
Igor (5'8", 180 lbs, Brazil)

Ethan’s skills on the mats are indisputable. He stretches and balances with a purple bruise on one side of his face, which only makes him look tougher. But putting him up against the likes of Igor may test this gritty grappler’s resolve. Igor is hard muscle from head to toe. His glowing, golden skin ripples with muscles that come to vivid life as veins pop, pecs protrude, and rock hard thighs create a feast for the viewer. Ethan claps his hands, signaling for the match to start, and they are instantly at each other like a pair of wild dogs. 

Ethan and Igor wrap their arms around one another, rolling and struggling with their pelvises pressed together, their facial expressions resolved, removed, and determined. Igor closes his veiny arms around Ethan’s neck. Ethan winds his feet around Igor’s. Slapping skin and panting struggles for air fill the space with an aggressive, desperate quality. 

Ethan manages to wrap his legs around Igor, rolling on top of him and gaining the upper hand even as Igor continues to crush Ethan’s neck with his tatted, muscular arm. Ethan straddles his opponent, then slides up to his chest, then up to his face where he secures a solid tap. This is a battle between two men who work hard for every single victory, as bones and bodies and muscles and pride are put on the line! 

Total Runtime: 22 minutes, 26 seconds

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