Ethan Andrews vs. Jessie Lee (Chopped & Stripped)


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Damn, that Jessie Lee’s got a tight body. Check out that skillful pushup and strength combination he uses to warm up. Delts! Lats! Pecs! Obliques! This dude may be smooth and compact, but he’s strong. Fan favorite Ethan Andrews isn’t so impressed, sauntering into the ring and antagonizing the princely little stud with his drawling voice and rude remarks. All too soon, Lee finds himself at the mercy of a far more sadistic stud.

Andrews clenches Lee’s jaw, rips at his hair, grinds his knee into his neck, claws his fingernails up his back leaving streaks of white, and slaps his ass hard. Lee’s powerful pecs become cherry red and irritated from so much abuse, and his pulverized abs follow suit. Lee smothers within Andrew’s pits, his sizable cock fully visible through transparent whites. Thighs crush guts, and the red irritation from repeated slaps, punches, claws, and crushing fists blossoms across Lee’s front. Andrews, for his part, watches the suffering with a desensitized, removed sadism, as he pulls Lee into even more agonizing holds.

Andrews can’t resist the humiliating punishment of Lee’s ass, clamping his head between his knees to better spank him and wedgie the holy hell out of his butthole. Lee gags on Andrew’s sweaty balls in one facesit after another...and still Lee doesn’t submit!

Total Runtime: 21 minutes, 49 seconds

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