Ethan Andrews vs. Joey Nux (Gut Punch)


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Joey Nux is the textbook definition of a perfect man. Those thighs. Those biceps. That facial hair. He looks like a beach beefcake. Scrapy Ethan Andrews, on the other hand, has a way of sneaking by. He’s hot, sure. Everybody knows that. But he’s always managed to fly under the radar when standing next to showy musclestuds like Joey. But Ethan knows those muscles aren’t everything, and he shows it by going to town on Joey’s abs.  

Punch after punch after punch! Joey is left gasping, near vomiting, winded and whining for the sadistic Ethan to stop. “No more!” he begs, already covered in sweat. Soon he’s in the corner, praying for a break from the abdominal agony. So Ethan moves on to his nuts. Joey crumbles, collapses, and Ethan straddles him in a gorgeous schoolboy pin. Hammerfists to the abs, hard, cracking slaps and strikes. Joey throws his head in horror as he strains for air. 

Ethan moves on from quick strikes to deep presses into Joey’s abs, punches that don’t retract, as Ethan goes through a pushup routine on Joey’s stomach region. This is a true test of endurance, and one that any fan of barefoot gut abuse will not want to miss! 

Total Runtime - 20 minutes, 3 seconds

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