Ethan Andrews vs. John Wolfboy (Match #2)

Ethan Andrews vs. John Wolfboy (Match #2)

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Ethan Andrews (5'11", 170 lbs, Wisconsin)
John Wolfboy (5'7", 140 lbs, Pennsylvania)

Wolfboy is a lean, sexy stud with a comedic flair. Wearing only blue speedos and nipple piercings, he exudes a certain sensual quality. Ethan, on the other hand, offers a calm, collected demeanor and a more powerful frame. Both are boyish and beautiful. Both have a lot of pride. Both are experts on the mats. The moment their eyes meet, they both start beaming. They know this is going to be fun. 

Wolfboy and Ethan start off by swinging each other around the room, until they tumble with Ethan on top...but Wolf’s legs are in control. Less than thirty seconds and Ethan taps. The banter between these two starts immediately, followed by pushing, shoving, rolling, and flopping on the mat. Bare feet and big bulges grind and flop, and Ethan gains a tap on Wolfboy. There’s a brotherly feeling to this one, as forearms are pressed into faces and snarls quickly melt into smiles. 

Wolfboy’s pierced nips are hard as Ethan wrenches his foot and closes his thighs around his opponent’s head. Knees dig into bodies, faces get buried in armpits, fingers claw at faces fruitlessly, and balls are used for smothering and facesitting. Nothing is off limits. Hell, it’s no holds barred...with an obvious winner to boot! 

Total Runtime: 21 minutes, 19 seconds

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