Ethan Andrews vs. Max Quivers


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Hot, lean, aggressive Ethan Andrews is known for his resilience in the ring. A great grappler and pro wrestler, Ethan can handle most any challenge that’s thrown his way...especially if he’s being paid for his time and talent. Enter massive Max Quivers, a huge, suit wearing business dude in shirt and tie and dress shoes. In a black rubber mask to protect his identity, this business man means business. Specifically the business of paying for the right to wreck the best wrestlers in the business. 

Massive Max drives Ethan into the ropes, then down to his knees in an agonizing fingerlock test of strength. Max drives his fingers into Ethan’s mouth, talking to him with a creepy, almost soothing tone...all while he’s pulling his hair, crushing his throat, or hoisting him off his feet. When Ethan is left motionless on the floor, Max circles his fallen body with all the vigor of a confused kitten, surprising the hell out of Ethan when he once again resumes abusing his face and making the beautiful man’s head roll with pain. 

Arms are wrenched, abs are clenched, teeth are gritted. Ethan’s sizable package is put on display as the camera moves in to capture the pain. Ethan looks almost like a work of art while in pain, his face contorting as Max clobbers and claws his vulnerable abdomen, all while asking “does that feel good?” in his strangely removed voice. In one of the most twisted finales ever, the punishment only ends when this poor, pathetic Wrestler for Hire is finished and branded with our logo in spray paint! 

Total Runtime: 23 minutes, 38 seconds

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