Ethan Andrews vs. Mighty Vinny


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There’s something kinda cute about beefy brawlerboy Vinny, still writhing on the floor from his last match and lookin’ like he can’t even remember where he is or how he got there. Surely somebody will come along and help the poor kid. Hey! Here comes Ethan Andrews, always ready to lend a hand to a fellow fallen fighter. So why does Vinny look so scared?

Andrews helps by plowing his black boot deep into the big boy’s abs, hurling him into the ripes, twisting his legs into impossibly painful positions, and even abusing his nose. At this point, Vinny’s gotten good at expressing his pain. No more tough guy pretending to take the pain with dignity. Now he taps, begs, pleads, and cries...and we’re only one minute into this punishment parade! 

Ethan only grows in vindictive aggression when his opponent is pathetic. “Come here,” he growls, hoisting the big boy off his feet, then practically breaking his back, choking him with his own arms, and making yanking him around by his singlet. It’s a stomping, slapping, humiliation filled heel vs. jobber annihilation. 

Total Runtime: 20 minutes, 58 seconds

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