Ethan Andrews vs. Nathan FX

Ethan Andrews vs. Nathan FX

NHB Fights

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Ethan Andrews (5'11", 165 lbs, Wisconsin)

Nathan FX (6'1", 163 lbs, Illinois)

Total Run-time: 21 minutes, 34 seconds


Nathan FX always looks like he wandered into the wrestling space like he thinks he’s here to pose for an art class. As the only NHBFighter who consistently wears socks and sneakers, he tends to stand out. Ethan Andrews, on the other hand, knows he came here to fight, attacking the model with everything he’s got. A brutal grapevine leaves Nathan weak and straining for any advantage. 

Ethan gains the first tap out of Nathan, and wastes no tie locking the poser in his thighs with pure brute strength in an effort to get another. Nathan’s arms are wrenched and bent into unnatural positions, but he doesn’t tap...too soon. 

Ethan eventually clutches Nathan so close, they’re practically forehead to forehead, and there’s nothing Nathan can do about it. There aren’t too many total squash matches in competitive NHB Fights, but this is definitely one!

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