Ethan Andrews vs. Sunny Deleon

Ethan Andrews vs. Sunny Deleon

NHB Fights

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Ethan Andrews (5'11", 170 lbs, Wisconsin)
Sunny Deleon (5'6", 140 lbs, Canada)

Tiny prettyboy Sunny Deleon has already dominated a bigger opponent. Now Ethan Andrews is ready to take on the killer kid. Ethan has nothing to hide, displaying his stunning body in near entirety while stretching in only transparent white gear that puts all of his assets on astonishing display. Sunny Deleon displays his own assets in barely there two-toned gear that draws the eye as he butterfly stretches. 

“Let’s do this,” says Ethan’s warm voice, sounding almost like a romantic invitation rather than a challenge. Sunny looks like he’s meeting his idol as they dig into each other, bodies slapping together, arms and legs twisting and tangling as they roll and wrangle one another around the room. 

Ethan grinds his pelvis into Sunny’s, as they breathlessly struggle for dominance. Ethan locks his armpit over Sunny’s face, his package bobbling in plain view of the camera through his miniscule gear. Faces are buried in necks, knees are pressed into shoulders, fingers lock and pry, and Sunny is very nearly smothered by Ethan’s balls...except for a well placed elbow. The first tap feels like a victory for the viewer. This one is rough, sweaty, tightly executed, almost sensual, and absolutely worth watching again and again! 

Total Runtime: 23 minutes, 9 seconds

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