Ethan Andrews vs. Zach Reno (Jobbers Need Love, Too)


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In Jobbers Need Love, Ethan Andrews was vanquished at the hands of meaty master Lane Hartley. In this much anticipated sequel, Andrews faces a much smaller opponent in hot and hairy Zach Reno, who now dons the iconic “Jobbers Need Love too” t-shirt. 

The initial lockup is long and thrilling, two tightly wound and mightily formed friends tied up like a pair of impossible to pull apart shoe laces. They tumble to the floor, still connected like magnets, as they roll and twist and writhe within one anothers manhandling grip. Gone are the quick pull aparts and throws. This is ground grappling, with arms and legs interwoven, dirty tactics, and something that can only be described as total pleasure in the pain. 

As so often happens with Reno, that luscious lion’s mane gets pulled, until he finds himself in Andrews’ flawless scissor hold, which blossoms into a schoolboy pin, which blossoms into abdominal punishment, which blossoms into some of the most awe-inspiring jobber/heel battles we’ve ever seen, as Reno flops and flails like a hairy little bitch in the hands of dominating Andrews, who more than redeems himself. 

With an almost childlike joy, Reno proudly wears the shirt. Heartbreaking, how soon it is taken from him for being a shitty jobber. Who will Andrews face in part three…?

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 21 minutes

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