Flash LaCash vs. MarkO (Poker Night)


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In some head-scratchingly glorious grappler’s alternate universe (Wrestletopia?), muscle-bound men lounge in red-curtained rings, attired in vests and wrestling gear, playing poker like the pros they are. MarkO wins the prize, which happens to be a mysterious casket placed right in the ring. Because...why the hell not? 

What’s inside the casket? What every studly scrapper dreams of in this alternate universe...a worthy warrior to wrestle. Flash LaCash doesn’t remember much. Something about vampires...something about being struck… 

A slightly inebriated MarkO’s not taking any nonsense from the casket crawling creeper. It’s a bold and brilliant battle of the bruisers, as MarkO uses metal folding chairs, leather belts, tables, and his naturally feisty temperament to beat and batter Flash from one end of the mat to the other until both men are coated in glossy sweat, and struggling for an absolution that may never come, unless some strapping stud fills that cursed casket!

Total Run-time: 30 minutes

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