Flash LaCash vs. Zach Reno (Unleashed)


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Flash LaCash is part Cheshire Cat, part wild tiger. Zach Reno is in for it...

“Are you ready to fuckin’ wrestle?” he demands, sporting a Game of Thrones inspired look. No Khaleesi can tame this rough and ready rider. Hairy hardbody Zach Reno, looking less hipster than we’ve come to expect, is unprepared for the shirt stripping, hard hitting, colossal collision between his body and LaCash’s. In less than three minutes we’ve seen every painful move imaginable exacted upon the hairy heartthrob, including an almost indescribably leg torture session that sees the bitch getting dragged around the ring with his legs entangled in LaCash’s. You can practically feel the shuddering pain written all over his face. 

Even with shorter hair, LaCash never passes up an opportunity to yank those curly locks as hard as he can, clamping Reno is one killer sleeper after another, only to release him in order to straddle his back, smack the shit out of his head, and apply a killer camel. It’s a complete and total domination squash job, starring two experts doing what they do best.  

Total Run-time: 20 minutes

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