Gabe Steele vs. Big Masked Heel


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There are big vs. little matches all over the place, and then there is any match with the Big Masked Heel. This time his opponent is Gabe Steele, who is no pushover in the size department, but he is dwarfed by the gargantuan wrestler who knows his way around a wrestling ring. Gabe is quickly overpowered, flattened by an attempted shoulder block, bear hugged and scissored.

I don’t think Gabe has ever been so completely owned by another person before. But it is not all about just size, the behemoth throws in some nipple twists (including maybe a nibble or two), bearhugs, some body scissors made even more painful with a pull on Gabe’s mouth and nose for good measure. There is more humiliation of Gabe though as he is smothered by the Big Masked Heel’s pecs repeatedly, locked into full nelsons and given a wedgie just as an added bonus.

Gabe’s final demise begins with a body slam to the canvas followed up with a splash off the ropeds. One would be enough to stop any man, but Steele is forced to endure as he is yanked up before the three count. The Big Masked Heel takes advantage of every part of the ring, using the corner to prop up Gabe for several devastating moves. In the end 2 more splashes seal the deal in a contest that was never in doubt. If you’ve always wanted to see Gabe Steele manhandled and thrown around like a rag doll, this one is for you!

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