Gabe Steele vs. Jessie Lee


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Smooth, toned, compact and cute, sexy Jessie Lee is a hot, hairless, hard-bodied hunk with a beaming smile, a bulging package, and an impressive athleticism despite his small stature. He’s a natural born jobber with his own sadistic streak. Enter Gabe Steel, the heel to beat, in shiny black boots, trunks, and bolero to teach this newcomer a lesson.

Steel throws, rolls, rides, and rings out the newbie, demanding the respect he deserves. After an extended session of suffering and strained limbs, the cute jobber manages to finally speak.

“Fuck you,” he says in his cute little voice. Ahh...just the invitation Steel was hoping for. Steel crushes Lee between his powerful thighs, spread-eagles him, and crushes his balls is wicked enjoyment. Sweat stains the surface of the wrestling ring, as Steel bends the smack-talking jobber over his manly shoulders and tosses him like garbage.

Steel produces his next best weapon, a stinging bull rope, which he uses to bind the jobber, floss his sweaty ass deeply and painfully, and truss him up like a little piggy ready for the slaughter! This is one wedgie Lee will be trying to remove for days to come...

Total Runtime: 20 minutes, 7 seconds

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