Gabe Steele vs. Nick Justice


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Gabe Steele is one unique brawler. A big, beefy, smiling stud with pert nipples and a sexy stomach. He looks like a friendly dude, but in the ring, he’s a stomping, strong and silent, striking savage. Who better to pair him with than dungeon dweller Nick Justice in his black bodysuit. Nick Justice is an equally big and beefy bro, a great size match for Steele, and he talks enough for both of them. Asses quake, bellies shake, and two meaty men will roll in a raging rumpus filled with dirty moves, open handed slaps, and playful brutishness. 

“Come on, big man!” laughs Justice. “I thought you were the baddest!” Steele hurls Justice into a turnbuckle, climbs up using his crotch as a ladder, boxes his ears, and body slams him so hard you can feel it. A handful of hair, a boot in the gut, belly-to-belly, face-to-face...two heavy, evenly-matched men camel and crab each other with ever increasing ruthlessness. 

Chairs, choking, and even a little blood! If you love watching skilled, sexy, big boys brawl, this is the battle for you!

Total Run-time: 21 minutes, 48 seconds

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