Gabe Steele vs. Paricutin


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Paricutin has proven to be a decent find, and a devoted fighter! How anybody can be so skinny and yet so tough is hard to figure out, but beefy brawler Gabe Steele has learned how tough Paricutin is, and wants to put him to the test in the ring. Bots in necks, backs against the ropes, shoulders ploughing into abs. Dang! Paricutin’s taking a beating! 

Gabe stretches the skinny scrapper out like pizza dough, pulls him into a humiliating spladle, then tosses him away like trash. Gabe bounces away on the slender punk, his big black boots leaving red marks all over his body. Next those boots dig into Paricutin’s balls, raising the skinny kid’s voice an octave, and briefly exposing a nest of dark pubic hair. Gabe struts around in his pink and black speedo, still hungry for a fight, taunting Paricutin, then working him into a Boston crab that leaves the poor jobber punching the mat in pain. 

“You won’t be doing jumping jacks after this,” laughs Gabe, with his trademark grin...seconds before pulling Paricutin into an epic camel clutch, then abusing his nostrils and mouth with his fingers. The sweat begins to pour, and the punishment is only just beginning! Sleepers, leg scissors, sweaty hair pulling, and some truly aggressive Spanish trash talk between two very different wrestlers in the ultimate squash job. 

Total Runtime - 20 minutes, 42 seconds

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