Garrett Thomas vs. Joey Angel


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Joey Angel, the Singlet Stud, is back again to tease his opponent with the duality that defines him. In the singlet, he’s a wide-eyed kid with so much to learn. Out of the singlet, he’s a fuck-you-up muscle god ready to conquer. Today that singlet is half on/half off. What can that mean…?

Enter long-haired Garrett Thomas, a professional if there ever was one, in teal trunks, ready to teach the callow kid a lesson. Like so many before him, the pro is taken in by the barefoot kid’s cute face and earnest attitude, a mistake he pays for by being crushed like a nut between Angel’s thighs. Looks like Thoman has his work cut out for him.

It’s a nice back-and-forth fight, complete with gut abuse, ground fighting, armbars, full nelsons, camel clutches, and a surprising amount of rolling around in an effort to find the dominant position. Watch as two dudes feel each other out in this “anybody's game” grapplefest.

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 19 minutes, 54 seconds

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