Garrett Thomas vs. Matt Blakewood (Grudge Match)


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Animalistic Matt Blakewood is ready for battle. Flying through an intense workout routine that would make most men dizzy, the bearded brute stands tall and proud, fully aware that no man would ever dare to look down upon him...until Garrett Thomas strides into the ring. We are rudely reminded that 27 year old Blakewood is only 5’4”, while Thomas towers over him at a statuesque 6’1”. So maybe he’s at eye level with Thomas’ pecs...does Blakewood back down? No fuckin way!

“I’m not afraid of you!” the rough-voiced Blakewood roars, as the two belligerent battlers push and shove each other with tremendous force and the sickening smack of skin slapping skin. “You’ve got beach’re all fluff!” 

The aggression is palpable as these two big-personalities tear into each other, throwing each other around the mat like ragdolls, struggling for supremacy. Blakewood gains the first advantage once his taller opponent is on the floor, but Thomas quickly catches him in a flawless armbar...the point of no return, one centimeter more and something might break! Astonishingly, Blakewood breaks free, planting his foot square in Thomas’ back while twisting the life out of his arms. 

That’s when you realize how evenly matched this David and Goliath really are. The winner of this challenge is anybody’s guess. It’s non-stop action, and beard insults, in this gruesome grudge match.

Total Run-time: 21 minutes

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