Garrett Thomas vs. Max Quivers


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Who wants to see two typically handsome, boringly hot dudes wrestle? You can find that kind of action anywhere. Wrestler4Hire fighters are unique, and there may be no better example of that uniqueness than the fighters in this title. Garrett Thomas, AKA the Boss Hog, is a lean, muscular, long haired hunk of trouble in killer black boots and revealing black and white speedos. In short, he’s cool, collected, and confident in a wolf-like way. There’s nobody quite like him in any ring.

Enter Max Quivers. This sturdy, suit-wearing, masked menace is like nothing you’ve ever imagined in a wrestling ring. From his cutting, old New York attitude, to his assholic way of constantly calling Garrett the “Hog Boss,” he’s every bit that dude you wish you could punch on the subway...but he’s just too damn big! Time to make these two dudes brawl!

It’s a festival of sleeper holds, as Max Quivers uses his power to crush the Boss Hog’s throat like a pro, then use his signature manbun to pull him up into his crushing arms again. If you love the sight of big fingers winding into another man’s hair and yanking him up hard, you’ll love this title. Garrett looks almost Christ-like with his long hair unbound and spilling over his shoulders. Quivers grinds the wolfman into the floor with his massive knees, grinning like a demented clown all the while...even singing a twisted cover of “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” as Garrett sleeps...

Run Time: 19 minutes, 11 seconds

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