Graham Varnett vs. Chase Sinn


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What is it about slim pretty boys? Is it that they love eating mat? Graham Varnett looks like he was built in a jobber factory with his narrow waist, stickman arms and legs, and a certain facial expression that seems to constantly be saying “hurt me.” Chase Sinn’s gonna have a ball with this one!

Chase eases Varnett down to the mat, allowing the camera to ease slowly between his legs to emphasize the delicate lines between his tighty-whities and the pale skin of his thighs. New wrestling boots, new knee pads, new haircut...too bad this jobber can’t fight.

Chase toys with the kid like a cat with a canary, crushing his windpipe and pulling his hair. Varnett writhes and wriggles, straining for air and flailing his lightly hairy legs uselessly. He struggles for air, faints, then raises himself up again...only to have his neck crushed again...and again...and again.

Total Run-time: 17 minutes, 8 seconds

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