Guido Genatto vs. Alex Oliver


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Nobody knows how to exact pain, brutality, and fucked-up headgames quite like foul-mouthed fighter Guido Genatto, a true demon of violence, viciousness, and twisted torture. Nobody suffers better than pretty bitchboy Alex Oliver, this time dragged into the ring by a particularly ravenous Genatto, who seems to be enjoying beating the living daylights out of the bitch by hiding his only asset, that pretty face, with a burlap bag!

Sit back and watch in pain-loving pleasure as Genatto instantly reduces this useless sack of shit to a pleading princess who practically cries for mommy from the very start. This kid is broken, defeated, and ready to crawl back to the corner with his tail between his legs. Too bad Genatto’s only just getting started, throwing his superior body on top of the boy and choking the breath out of him until his gasping, shuddering, finished body turns cherry red. 

Genatto dons the burlap bag himself, applying kicks and strangle holds, figure fours that make Oliver clench his toes in agony while trying desperately to say “I can’t breathe” through gurgling gasps. Genatto just squeezes that much harder, and beats the little bitch baby with the bag. 

“Take a look at that, daddy,” Genarro crows over his fallen victim. “100% cock demon. I think it’s time to finish this off in murderous fashion…”

Total Run-time: 19 minutes

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