Guido Genatto vs. Alex Oliver (I Wanna Be A Pro)


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Much has been written about he awe-inspiring athleticism of Guido Genatto. This man moves with the grace and speed of an animal primed for survival, yet his mass leaves floors shaking, ropes quivering, and opponents sobbing. Enter pretty little Alex Oliver for his private lesson. It's a parallel universe where Genatto and Oliver have never met. Coach Genatto is unimpressed by Oilver's mint green trunks, complete with cock zipper. Genatto hoists cutie kid up, then slams him into a brutal back breaker. Here we go, bitches!

"Since class is in session," barks Genatto, "Professor fuckin' Pleather is gonna run you through a few mandatory drills to test your athleticism and dexterity if you so choose to pursue professional rasslin' as a career!" 

It's a gloriously rendered training session, one that has Genatto sweating all over that hot fucking body, while Oliver suffers like a pro beneath his boots. In addition to the on point athleticism, the wordplay and demented comedy here is inspiring, giving you a level of entertainment exclusive to our particular style and talent pool. 

Total Run-time: 22 minutes, 32 seconds

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