Guido Genatto vs. Austin Cooper & Joey Angel


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Big guys. Big guns. Big egos. Big boots...except for Austin Cooper. This failure in wardrobe preparation is more than enough to push daddy bruiser over the edge, causing him to dig into charming and handsome Joey Angel and barefoot beefy dude Cooper. Despite his rage and impatience, Genatto is overwhelmed by the two dudes. Maybe he's bitten off more than he can chew for once. This should be fun...

This boot stomping, ab pounding, two against one, mighty muscle man mayhem match offers staggering feats of athleticism from guys with powerful bodies. Each body slam seems to make the earth tremble. When Genatto manages to gain his freedom, it's demolition time, as he tears each man apart one at a fucking time. Faces twist in agony. Legs twist in forced ties and traps that would make the strongest man wince. Genatto unleashes his trade mark brand of sadistic trash talk and torture, particularly well displayed in a double camel clutch like nothing we've ever seen before, reducing Cooper and Angel to a pile of muscular man flesh. 

Just wait for the ass-to-ass torment, the suplex, and the final punishing end.

Total Run-time: 23 minutes 53 seconds

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