Guido Genatto vs. Ethan Andrews (Alpha Males)


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Guido Genatto is a born wrestler. Rough, calculating, tight-bodied, perfectly proportioned, and cool. Adorable, drawling Ethan Andrews is a consummate professional, and always surprises the hell out of any opponent who underestimates him for based on his slim, youthful appearance. Andrews challenges an antagonistic Genatto to a clean, simple grappling match.  

These guys tie up and take to the floor, where Andrews is king, wrapping his surprisingly effective legs around Genatto’s legendarily muscular torso. Genatto seems to gain strength when abusing Andrew’s gets, but only for a moment, as these guys tangle like vines on a wall, inflicting more and more pain with each minor movement. 

Shirts off! Genatto reveals that priceless hairy bod, just seconds before clamping Andrews’ pathetic head between his bestial thighs and tossing him around the mat like bitch. Back to the floor, Genatto traps Andrews in a savage sleeper, superior biceps closing in on the pretty boy’s neck until he’s unable to even gasp. But Andrews manages to wrench himself free, only to be subjected to even more brutal attacks from Genatto’s fists and feet.

It’s like watching a big brother beat on a little brother, as these alpha males fight it out with wild abandon and flawless grappling technique!

Total Run-time: 21 minutes

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