Guido Genatto vs. Flash LaCash (Best Friend Battle)


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When two enemies come face to face, a fight is sure to follow. But when best buds battle, the earth trembles. Make those best buds Guido and Flash, and you’ve got a primordial clash. We’re talking Ray Harryhausen level stop motion dinosaur shit! 

It’s hot, hairy, gloved leather daddy vs. big and brutal bearded brutha. Let’s go! LaCash gets ahold of Genatto’s arm, swinging him around the mat like a meaty rag doll. Feet clench and faces grimace in total pain, and heads are rammed into muscleguts, fingers are wrenched, and spirits are put to the test. Ball bashing, punching, turnbuckle torture, leg nelsons, and some truly inspiring grappling keeps this match moving with a mixed martial arts edge. 

If you can find too more evenly matched men, it doesn’t get any better than this.

Total Run-time: 22 minutes 48 seconds

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