Guido Genatto vs. Flash LaCash (Grudge Match)


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“I’ll pop that fuckin’ head! Suffocate in daddy’s web!” Guido Genatto roars. “Come on, Flash! I thought this was your ball bash! The fuckin’ party’s started, mutherfucker! Welcome to the party, bitch! Fucker!” 

Hey, you. Yes, you, reading this. Did you ever make your action figures fight an impossible battle? I mean like rolling, kicking, flying through the air, connecting hits and throws and insults and just never stopping because they were made of plastic so why stop ever? Yeah...we all did. THIS match is basically two actual dudes fighting like that.

Can these guys even feel anything? How are they not DEAD? This rollicking fight sees two men pushing each other to the absolute limits of what is humanly possibly, as they beat, batter, bruise, crush, claw, twist, yank, tear, rip, pull, plow, and pulverize each other using every single move in the book, and some moves you haven’t ever dared to dream of yet. It NEVER STOPS. Blink, and you’ll miss four holds, as these black speedoed killers scale each other’s bodies, grind their abs together, crush each others heads and torsos, and do everything but blow each other up with dynamite.  

“I’m gonna fuck your soul!” screams Genatto, while rolling, being caught in a camel clutch, having his head clamped between thighs, having his chest hair all but ripped out, and hoisting Flash around the room like a bitchass ragdoll. “I’m gonna stick my dick in your world and fuckin’ ruin you, you little bitch! I’m gonna knock you the fuck out! Wanna fuckin’ play with me? I’m gonna fuckin’ squeeze you to death!” Flash just flashes that Cheshire Cat grin. 

Just TRY to tear your eyes away.

Total Run-time: 19 minutes

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