Guido Genatto vs. Johnny Jobber (Unleashed)


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The aptly named Johnny Jobber looks like he’s in the wrong place. I mean, this vanilla pudding pack is really gonna battle hard heel Guido Genatto in the ring? The usually trashmouthed Genatto is knowingly silent as he stares down this confusing, confounding opponent. Why waste classic wordplay and trashtalk on this pasty little bitch?

If you like your matches quiet, totally uneven, completely one-sided, and 100% squash, this is the title for you. Little Johnny is lifted, thrown, stomped, squeezed, and crushed so many times, it’s a wonder he’s even alive for half of this mess. 

Watch that red clad bubble butt get kicked from one end of the ring to the other. Maybe, just maybe, if you look like you’re supposed to be in bed before 8pm you shouldn’t climb into the ring with the beast.

Total Run-time: 23 minutes

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