Guido Genatto vs. Marc Merino (Forced To Flex)


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You know the guy, the one with the perfectly sculpted body and cocky grin to match. He’s impressive. He’s inspiring. And he can’t wrestle for shit! Ever wonder what it would be like to toss that guy around like a little bitch? Hmm...

Marc Merino’s body is a masterwork of muscle, a Sistine Chapel ceiling of sinew and strength, a temple of tempest-like perfection. 5’10”, 235 lbs, he squats 600, benches 450, and has caught the eye of professional badass Guido Genatto. Hairy-chested Genatto is eagerly impressed with the muscle-bound pup, no easy thing. Even so, Genatto asks Merino to show off some lat spreads, frontal biceps, quads and abs, traps, a crab shot, a superman pose, and finally a double bicep pose on his knees. But even with all the impressive posing, Genatto knows Merino can’t fight for shit, and he’s going to prove it. 

Arms clamped around Merino’s torso leaves the fancy flexer offering up some weak punches, until he’s ground into the floor and forced to plank with Genatto’s boot crushing his hand. Merino is utterly useless, despite that flawless musculature, and each pathetic attempt to fight back only enrages Genatto further. With a sadistic mean-streak, Genatto torments, ties up, terrorizes, and forces Merino to beg, plead, and flex like the bitch he is, even going so far as to rest his spiderweb-strewn speedo right on his pathetic face before forcing him into a humiliating spladle. 

If the sight of a big-ass bodybuilder being brutalized is your idea of fun, this is the match for you.

Total Run-time: 20 minutes

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