Guido Genatto vs. Teddy Trouble (Guest Ref)


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Guido and Teddy are ruthless in their treatment of opponents, most always being downright cruel. Both are very strong and experienced and have little, if any, respect for the rules of the ring. There’s a ref for this match, but we have serious doubts as to his ability to control either of these ring monsters, much less both. Teddy is a former Marine and is tough-as-nails. Guido is from the streets of NYC where he learned to street fight before becoming a pro wrestler. 

Neither of these beasts usually has any respect for their opponents. In this match, they may not respect each other, but must respect each other’s abilities. They go after each other in a manner we rarely see. The number of two-counts and near submissions is incredible. There are pools of sweat all over the ring mats. These wrestlers are like caged animals going after each other. We needed pain meds just to watch the entire match. 

There are plenty of cheap shots and dirty tactics, as expected, but there’s an equal amount of technical wrestling. Neither man has a clear advantage over the other as the back-and-forth is continuous. Try as we may, we were unable to predict the winner of this brutal match. We would think Teddy will be the winner, then just as quickly think Guido would come out on top. In the end, you’ll be as surprised as we were. The one certainty is that you won’t be disappointed in this match. Both wrestlers are sexy, tough, and relentless in their approach. Who could ask for a better pro match? 

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 19 minutes, 42 seconds

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