Guido Genatto vs. Vinny Motz (Rookie Wrecker)


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Vinny looks like your typical run of the mill junior varsity wrestler. Nice legs, short hair and a hairless body. Vinny has a look of excitement and energy and is ready for the fight, that is until Guido let’s out a laugh. Guido has been known to be matched up with much smaller guys than himself. He is always looking for the perfect challenge and yet the majority of his matches are boring to him. That doesn’t mean he takes it easy on them though. Most end up with some sort of injury by the end of the match.

Vinny claims he is the new age wrestler. Guido says that’s the problem with wrestlers, not enough experience or physique. Guido being the generous giant he is takes the responsibility upon himself to teach this so called new age wrestler. Easily lifting him up and throwing him on his back. Vinny reels from pain and tries to recover his composure as Guido begins to lay an onslaught of insults to try to rile up his opponent.

Guido has to have AT LEAST 100 pounds of muscle on this kid. It becomes very easy to see when Guido begins to toss around vinny like nothing. Enough playing around though. It’s time to begin class for real. The bell has rung and it’s time to teach Vinny some lessons. Every throw is harder than the last. Every time Vinny can barely move until Guido gives him a hand, which typically leads into more throws.

This match isn’t going to be what Guido hoped for. He isn't even trying at this point. All he has to do is just step onto Vinny and give a bit of pressure to cause Vinny immense pain. At this point Vinny can barely respond to Guido, he can only let out moans and painful cries. I’m sorry Guido for this newbie wasting your time. I hope in the future you get a more worthy opponent. Vinny, i hope you understand how great of a difference there is from high school wrestlers to professional ones.

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 20 minutes

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