Guido Genatto vs. Zach Reno (Fantasy Fights)


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Here we go! Two of the best athletes doing what they do best once again! We've seen these guys send each other flying around the ring, bouncing like basketballs and ricocheting off walls like pinballs. Maybe that's why Reno thinks he can antagonize the big guy with his fancy superman costume. 

Genatto is unimpressed, and before long these bastards and smashing chests together, locking fingers, and rolling around like schoolboys. Feet are locked around torsos, back-breakers are executed, capes are exchanged, and more. Watch in disbelief as Reno is plowed into one padded wall after another, only to be dropped, kicked, lifted up, and tossed around again as that trademark Genatto sweat begins to soak every surface in sight. 

"How's that feel, Superman?" Genatto roars. "How's that fuckin' FEEL?" 

Will Reno find his strength? Or will he end up stripped and destroyed on the floor where Genatto leaves most of his opponents?

Total Run-time: 20 minutes

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