Iceman vs. Graham Varnett


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It’s pretty boy vs. pretty boy, as two pale, princely pros dig into each other. Graham Varnett is as slim as a stick, while Iceman is muscular an volatile. Both boys are fresh faces, and neither one has emerged as anything other than a jobber to some better opponent. Time time around, one of them will come out on top!

Iceman takes the initiative, tossing the twig man around with ease. Hairy Varnett writhes and moans on the floor, sliding into the jobber role like a hand into a well-worn glove. Iceman camels Varnett, squeezing his pretty face firmly between his big hands. But Varnett’s weak submission cries only amp up the aggression, and Iceman bearhugs and bodyslams the slimmer stud.

Sleepers, headlocks, nelsons and more make this one-sided beating an exciting addition to any squash job collection. The camera gets up close and personal with Varnett’s pretty, suffering face and his sexy, limp, broken body.

Total Run-time: 21 minutes, 12 seconds

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