Jacob Van Acker vs. Austin Cooper


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Jacob bounds into the ring in his letterman jacket. Shiny white boots, shiny new knee pads, minuscule speedo. He’s got the broad chest and hairy chest and pits of a man, the face of a good boy who thinks he’s bad, and a beach bum haircut that begs to be pulled. He’s a perfect package on paper, strutting and stretching his inflexible bod. 

Enter Austin Cooper, all in white with red tassled boots. No need for a heated back-and-forth. Cooper knows this scene like the back of his hand. Pretty rookie with a big, dumb smile vs. an experienced pro. The rookie overcompensates and wears himself out, the pro turns the heat on slowly, tossing the newbie into the ropes, or headfirst into the turnbuckles, ass in the air, pretty hair flying, until it’s clear just how this rumpus will go. 

It’s two big, beautiful, bodacious brawlers going hard, as Cooper unleashes his arsenal of pro moves and submission holds, while dragging the cocky Jacob around the ring by his pretty hair. Arms are cranked and wrenched, rookie abs are pounded and pressed, and experience wins out once again, mopping the mat with this handsome new meat...who looks great covered in sweat and screaming for mercy! 

Total Run-time: 24 minutes, 04 seconds

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