Jacob Van Acker vs. Brock


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Find me a hotter young dude than Jacob Van Acker. This guy is built, beautiful, and hard to beat. Most of the young wrestlers wouldn’t dare stand next to him, what with his solid abs, impressive package, and hot, hairy chest and legs. This dude is stunning. But maybe a mature wrestler, somebody with nothing left to fear, is just what Jacob needs. Enter Brock, one of the scrappiest wrestlers around...and definitely one of the oldest!

Brock has strength, skill, and muscles to spare. From the moment Jacob finds himself trapped between the mature mauler’s thighs, it’s no wonder Jacob starts screaming “Ah! You’re gonna pop my head!” 

Brock tosses his silvery maine, looking like a mature lion schooling a young cub. Jacob is pulled by his long, luscious hair, pressed into the ropes, and repeatedly trapped between Brock’s legs...his ass exposed to the camera in hot humiliation holds as he struggles, begs, pleads, and looks incredibly pretty fighting back. Brock even cradles him and grabs his face, talking down to the young hunk like he’s a juvenile delinquent. Jacob submits...to no avail. Brock wants him to say “please, sir.”  

Total Runtime: 22 minutes, 8 seconds

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